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A message on training from our CEO

Over my almost twenty year career at JOI, the Company has grown from just over $11 million in annual revenue to five times that level- $55 million in annual revenue. Growth leads to increased opportunities and requires a commitment to  expand our capabilities which creates a fast paced learning environment  that creates personal growth for our employees. Many JOI employees over the years have elected to invest in their careers and take training that has led to additional responsibility and promotions.  While it’s been a challenge to manage this kind of growth, the Company has an uncommon level of stability that it also offers which enables it to  be patient and make the kind of long term investments that are necessary for success. The level of stability that the Company has also enables it to offer its employees a work /life  balance which promotes healthy lifestyles.
Jeffrey A. Johnson

Chief Executive Officer, Job Options Inc

     Training on the GO…

JOI is committed to the success of its teams. We understand how busy you and your teams are. We have created several different training options for you and your lifestyle on the go.

The majority of our training can be done on any smart device and are self paced.

JOI Leadership Development and Training Department

Leadership Development and Training Department is committed to the success of JOI employees. We are always looking for new ways to teach and pass along knowledge to all of our JOI teams. Take a look below on how you can get more information on what we are training next.

Training Tuesday

In our Training Tuesdays a number of experts in their fields give 30 min live webinars on some of the new training going on in the company. They are held every other Tuesday and in case toy miss it we have all of the current training listed for you below.   Click on one of the links register and watch the webinar.Scroll down to The more you Know the more you Grow section to watch the webinars.

Listed Below

On the Job Training

JOI has well developed on the job training programs in place in each of its divisions.  The HR department will be holding micro breakout sessions throughout the year to help get the most out of your on the job training. 

Coming soon

Career Advancement and Development

The JUMP program was designed to provide all JOI employees the tools they will need to be successful not only in their current career path but to also help guide them with training to the career they aspire to have. For more information about the JUMP program click the button below.

In House Training

As JOI grows and continues to develop its teams the Training department will be holding  monthly and annual training at the corporate office in San DIego.  There is the 2020-2021 course titles and dates listed below. Be sure to enroll early because space it limited and filling up quick. 

Coming in october

Take a more in depth look at some of the course on the JUMP page

The more you Know

The more you Grow

Training Tuesday

Recorded webinars for more learn on demand training

Progressive Discipline
Click here to register to view.
Working with employees on leave
Click here to register to view.
Affirmative Action
Click here to register to view.
Click here to register to view.
Recruiting, Interviewing and New Hire Paperwork (Kronos)
Click here to register to view.
How to write an effective schedule using forecasting
Click here to register to view.
Disabled Employee Interactions
Click here to register to view.
Onboarding Best Practices
Click here to register to view.
Time Management
Click here to register to view.
Employee Evaluations
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New Employee Evaluations process in Kronos
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Promotions and transfers
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Working with the hearing impaired
For more helpful information on this Training Tuesday please take a look at the following links listed below:

  1. Vocabulary and Numbers: https://youtu.be/2_WYoaOwung
  2. Basic Shapes and Giving Commands: https://youtu.be/kHMSdJamQ8A
  3. Vocabulary, Number and Quiz: https://youtu.be/h8e-MQpERdg
  4. Activities, WH Question, Emotions/Feeling and Numbers: https://youtu.be/SjWQfY4ooCg
  5. Respond/Yes&No, Ask When, Times of Day and Numbers: https://youtu.be/pEHAvvwny3Y
  6. Vocabulary, Days/Months and Numbers: https://youtu.be/nvumpmw6Xjg
  7. Vocabulary, Compass, Location and Numbers: https://youtu.be/J4v6iSvFFus


Click the video below to see some helpful signs to use in our everyday work environments

Giving Employee Feedback and Performance Reviews
How to manage employees calling out sick
JOI Purchasing Policy
Kronos: How to create incidents/discipline documents
Vehicle and Safety Best Practices
“New JOI Training Program and Online Resources”
"Kronos Reporting Basics"
“CA required harassment prevention training information”
“How to utilize your CBA”
“Working with employees on leave”


Don Terrell

Email: dterrell@joboptionsinc.org

3465 Camino del Rio S #300,

San Diego, CA 92108